Our family has trusted Dr Marci and her staff for nearly 20 years.  She has managed our routine care and our dental emergencies with outstanding expertise and kindness.  She has even been able to provide care for our extremely needle phobic ADHD son. We highly recommend her!                                                                   Paula S   Bend 

A fellow teacher recommended Dr. Marci Aplin Scott to me about twenty years ago and I have been her client ever since.  She and her entire team are wonderful and I feel they do a great job in caring for my dental needs.  It's a pleasure to recommend her to freinds beacuse I know how compentent she and the staff are..and …to my total delight, I still have the same shiney, bright teeth I started with some two decades ago!!                                                                                 Diane D

Dr Scott has been our family Dentist for many years.  As a family of 5 Dr. Scott and her team has had many opportunities to treat, educate and prevent a vareity of Dental hygiene needs.  Whether it’s just a routine check up or a minor tooth emergency our family has seen the best in patient care, compassion and efficiency.  Our family will be loyal patients for many more years to come.  Thank you, Dr. Scott.                                                                                           Scott R      Bend

Dr. Marci Aplin Scott is THE BEST!  Over the years I’ve had a lot of dental work done with a variety of dentists, but they just couldn’t get it right.  I was very self-conscious, afraid to smile & didn’t want my picture taken.  It really hit me when I was with the grand kids, looking at a picture book of wild animals.  We came to page of beavers & they said “Look!  This one’s got teeth just like Grandma’s!”  That did it!  Dr. Marci said she could fix me & she did a beautiful job!  Thank you Dr. Marci for your cosmetic dentistry skills & giving me my “Happy Smile”!                                                Judie M

Having had negative experiences as a child and fairly complicated dental work throughout my life, visiting the dental office is stressful.   Recently I had my first visit with Dr Aplin-Scott.  From the moment I entered I felt welcome and my experience was one of the best I have ever had in a dental office.   I relaxed and felt like I was being well cared for; my treatment was one of the best dental experiences in my life.  Dr Aplin-Scott’s humor, which I thoroughly enjoyed, added to my positive experience.  I highly recommend this office!                                     Tim

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